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Southpaw Rescue was contacted by a Good Samaritan after a video of a trembling dog in the San Bernardino Shelter went viral. Apache had been wondering a bad neighborhood for two months without being caught. Once in the shelter, Apache shut down and found himself on the euthanasia list withing 72 hours. Southpaw Rescue was able to get to Apache and pull him within 15 min. of his cut off date for euthanasia. 

Like so many dogs, as soon as we pulled Apache, we realized he was one of the sweetest dogs you could meet. He lives for pleasing his foster mom. Apache is great with all the other dogs in the home, both big and small. He doesn't pull at all on the leash. 

Apache is showing signs of abuse. He has a bit of separation anxiety when separated during feeding, but is perfectly fine left at home with the other dogs. 

Once Apache knows what pleases his owner, that is what he will do. He doesn't know any of his commands, but with some basic training, he will thrive, especially if he knows it will make his adopter happy. 

Apache hasn't met anyone he doesn't like. He greets people politely and is interested in making friends. If you are looking for your very best friend, look no further!

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