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Basil was found wondering the streets as a stray and brought to the shelter. Immediately the shelter noticed that he wasn't eating and was drinking excessively. They took x-rays, but didn't see anything wrong. A plea went out to rescue asking if we would take him to further explore medical needs. 

When we took Basil in, he began to eat, but he was still drinking a lot of water. We took him to our vet who did a full blood panel and also an ultrasound. His bloodwork came back fine, but the ultrasound showed his intestines were backed up. The vet suspects that little Basil has a sensitive stomach and is allergic to a lot of food. We switched Basil to a prescription science diet, which has really helped him. He has more energy, is more regular, and is drinking normal. Anyone adopting Basil will need to agree to keep him on this diet so he remains healthy. 

Basil is beginning to come out of his shell in his foster homes with other dogs, both big and small. He is shy by nature, but loves belly rubs and his tail is always wagging. Basil is easy going, inquisitive and easy to please. Basil is past his puppy stage, from far from being a senior, so he really doesn't require much. He enjoys a good meal, a nice walk and a warm bed. He likes being close to people, but is not needy at all.


Basil doesn't show any signs that he was abused per say, but we think he has lived his life as a backyard dog. At five, he is just now learning to be potty trained. He also sometimes moves away when his foster mom wants to pet him, as if he's not afraid...but just not used to it. He loves that he now can sleep on a bed and wags his tail nonstop when he is on either his doggy bed or on his fosters bed. 

Once Basil knows he has found his forever family, he will be the best dog. He would be a good fit for first time dog owners or people who have always had dogs in their home. 


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