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                                                    Curtis and Pedro

Pedro & Curtis are two brothers who were rescued from the shelter together. The shelter said they were wondering as strays together prior to being brought in. 

Pedro and Curtis seem to share a brain. The shelter had them listed as two, but judging by their behavior in foster, they may have been born yesterday as they act very puppylike. They are sweet, shy, and goofy.  

At a glance, they look like pure Border Collie.  However, upon further inspection, they are ALMOST certainly mixed.  Our best guess is with Golden Retriever.  This guess is based on their head shape, but also on personality. They are friendly with other dogs and cats. The rough-housing of their foster's huskies is a little scary to them. They prefer a gentle play style.  

Pedro & Curtis are instant dog family!  Adopt them both and help keep family together

Adoption fee is $300 for both dogs.

If you are interested in adopting these bonded brothers, please fill out an application here. 

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