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We came across Daisy laying, very pregnant, on the concrete floor of a high kill shelter. She had come into the shelter after being found wondering in the high desert. We knew we couldn't leave her in that condition. Four days after being placed in a warm foster home, Daisy gave birth to seven healthy puppies.

Daisy is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. Her tail constantly wags, and she loves to get rubs between her eyes. Daisy has really taken to motherhood. She was able to have all seven puppies in two hours, which makes us think this isn't her first litter. Lovable Daisy is only about a year, so her having more than one litter already is pretty heartbreaking. 
Daisy has raised her puppies and now it is her time to find her perfect forever home. Daisy is great with all dogs and people. She still has her puppy energy, but also loves to nap and cuddle on the couch. 

If you are looking for your perfect Boston Terrier mix who is loyal, loving and playful, look no further. 

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