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This little girl is everything you want if you like in a small breed. She is a7 lb Manchester Terrier mix full of strength and adorable little wiggly energy. 

Elsa came into the shelter as a stray. Terrified, she "alligator rolled" away from the vet and wouldn't let anyone examine her. This behavior, unfortunately, landed Elsa on the euthanasia list. They actually did try to euthanize her, but because she decided at that moment to calm down, they let her live. We are so glad Elsa's life didn't end in the shelter that day, because she is going to make someone very happy. 

Elsa has been so great in foster care. She is shy and sweet. She is independent, yet so loving. When her foster comes home, she wiggles with happiness and wags her tail. Elsa has the most beautiful big round eyes, which remind us of a Disney Princess. She enjoys the other dogs in the home (both big and small) but would be okay as an only dog as well. 

When Elsa came into rescue, we realized her teeth were very bad. We had all but four removed. We also removed a couple benign mammary tumors which have been removed. We sent them out to be tested just to be safe, and she is completely healthy. 


Elsa is about 6 years old, fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped. To adopt Elsa, please fill out an application:

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