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What a love bug this little guy is! Peanut came into the Coachella Valley Animal Shelter as a stray. He was marked "Rescue only" because he was very fearful in the shelter environment. As soon as we busted this little guy out, that fear went away, replaced by a happy tail wagging little man. 

Peanut loves to cuddle and follows his  mom around the house. He is great on a leash and loves his daily walk. Peanut can be described as "regal" as he is so proper on his walks. This little guy will make any family so happy.

One thing to note: we do suspect Peanut had some abuse in the past. When we touch his ears or try to trim his nails, he screams as if he is in pain...but there is nothing wrong with his ears or paws. We are having the vet double check on Friday. Despite this, Peanut shows no aggression, but instead wants to cuddle with his foster because he is afraid. 

Peanut is so perfect and we can't wait until he finds the perfect forever home! If you are interested in meeting him, please fill out the adoption application:

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