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On November 21st at 1:30am, Mama Daisy, recently rescued from Devore Shelter while very pregnant, went into labor. She gave birth to seven healthy puppies by 3:30am. Daisy is a Boston Terrier Mix. It looks like the dad was definitely some sort of Pit Bull. 

Born into rescue, these seven puppies have been raised in love and socialized properly. They are all up to date on their puppy shots and microchipped. 

All dogs are great with the other dogs and children. None have been tested with cats yet, but since they are so young, cat's shouldn't be a problem.

Five puppies still available for adoption:

Bark, female, dark brown and white: Bark is one of the bigger puppies in the litter, but very gentle. She is vocal when it is time to eat and when she is playing with her litter mates, hence the name Bark. This little lady seeks out her foster mom for kisses. She can be very energetic, but settles into cuddle time with happiness. 

Drama, male, light brown and white: 
Drama is a male puppy who is the runt of the litter. There is a reason why he is named Drama. This little cuti e is always the center of the puppy shenanigans. Drama will keep you smiling. Drama is a cuddle bug with his foster mom and wraps his paws around her neck and nuzzles his head in her neck. He will need a gentle, but active home who can give him a lot of love which he craves. 

Frasier, male, brown and white: Frasier doesn't look anything like his mama. He looks very much like a pit bull, so I assume he takes after his dad. Frasier loves to wrestle with the other dogs. He is all boy, rough and tough. Everything to him is playtime. Frasier is going to be one of the bigger dogs in the litter. He is energetic, fun and affectionate. He will be a great dog for an active, happy family. 

Harper, female, brown and white: Harper is one of the smaller puppies. She is spunky and happy go lucky. She seeks out her foster mom's attention whenever possible and will choose to be with her when she can rather than her siblings. This isn't to say though that she isn't amazing with all the other dogs. She loves to play and wrestle. 

Pepper, female, black and white: Pepper is such a shy, sweet puppy. He is the only black and white one in the litter. Pepper is sensitive and sometimes when the other puppies go outside to play, Pepper will sweetly stay behind for belly rubs and kisses. He keeps up with the other puppies at playtime, but definitely is more sensitive and shy.

All puppies are up to date on their puppy shots and microchipped. Because they are still a bit too young to be spay/neutered, we will take a spay/neuter deposit from you which will be returned when you show proof of the spay/neuter.

The adoption donation is $350. This does not include their spay/neuter. We will also be taking a $200 deposit which will be refunded when you show proof of spay/neuter at 5 months old.

For more photos and video, check out our Instagram and Facebook.

If you are interested in adopting one of these adorable puppies, please fill out an application here. 

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