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I received a call late one night about a stray husky who was thought to be hit by a car. Once the Good Samaritan was able to catch her, we took her immediately to the Emergency Vet. They took a bunch of x-rays and ran blood work. Everything came back fine. Yet, she seemed to not like to walk and her back legs seemed stiff. She originally went into a foster home with 6 other large dogs. While she doesn't fight or go after them, she preferred to be on her own and didn't run with the pack much.

She is now in a foster home with a small child and does well. She loves to lay at your feet and get cuddled. She is the most mellow husky we have ever met. 

Our vet thinks she is no more than 2 years old. We wondered out loud why she acted older. It is our guess that maybe as a street dog, she learned to avoid all conflict by laying down or pancaking. We feel that once she is adopted and knows she is safe, she might gain some of the husky energy...but she probably will always just be a mellow dog.

Ideally we would like to get her into a home soon. It's her time to get the love she deserves. To fill out an application,
please click here.

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