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Thank you for choosing adoption! 


Southpaw Dog Rescue follows a strict step by step process when adopting out any of our dogs. We do not waiver in our process. Please do not ask for us to do so. Adoptable dogs can be found on the "Adopt" drop down. The following is our adoption process:

  1. Fill out an adoption application. On this application, you can let us know if you have a particular dog in mind, or if you would like for us to help you find the right match for your home.

  2. Someone will contact you within one week to let you know the status of your application. Status can include:

    1. Moving on to a phone interview

    2. The dog has already been adopted

    3. The dog is not a right fit for your home

  3. After a phone interview, we will set up a meet and greet. Everyone who lives in your home should be at this meet and greet. If you have any dogs in your home, they should come as well. We will introduce dogs on neutral territory.

  4. Home Check.

  5. IF you have made it this far and we feel you are a good fit for the dog, there is a $300/$400 adoption fee. This fee includes wellness check, spay or neuter, routine vaccinations and a microchip.


If for ANY reason you can not keep a dog you have adopted from Southpaw, they must be returned to us. We have a lifelong commitment to the dogs we rescue.

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Southpaw Rescue has an open adoption policy. We strive to match adopters with dogs who fit best in their home. We are commited to fostering an enviornment where everyone is included regardless of our differences (both visable and invisible). 

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