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Foster a Dog 

Thank You For Wanting To Foster A Dog With Southpaw Rescue!

Fostering dogs is one of the most important aspects of rescue. Foster's are the important transition step between Rescue and finding a Forever Home. Southpaw Rescue has a strict structure for our foster homes. Dogs end up in rescue because at some point a human has failed them. It is Southpaw's main goal to ensure all of our dogs go into homes which will work out best for them. This is where our fosters come in. Not only are you there to calm a scared dog down, help an injured dog overcome and allow a shy dog to come out of their shell, you provide valuable information to help discover the kind of forever home in which a dog will thrive.

Steps To Fostering A Southpaw Rescue Dog

  1. Fill out the below questionnaire and someone will get a hold of you within a week. 

  2. Have a phone interview so you can learn more about our foster program and we can learn what type of foster dog would work best in your home. We want to place the right dog in each foster home to help both the dog and the volunteer be successful! 

  3. We will be doing a home check before any dog is placed into your home. All family members will need to be present for this. 

  4. If this all works out...we will be able to accept another dog in need into our rescue. Thank you for helping us save lives! 

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Foster a Dog

Thanks for submitting a foster application. Someone will contact you within a week.

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