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Rose is a 10 year old pug mix who has lived her entire life being neglected. Her list of ailments is long, but thankfully none of them are life threatening. Rose has arthritis, and a huge mass which is not cancerous. She also needs her eye removed and her ear checked. Despite it all, Rose's tail wags nonstop. 

To be extra cautious and at the request of our veterinarian, we had an echocardiograph done which came back that Rose has a healthy heart and body. We wanted to have this done before putting her under anesthesia. 

We tried to get Rose's eye and mass removed, but her blood work didn't come back okay. Once she is healthy enough, she will have her surgeries and also be spayed/microchipped. She is fully vaccinated. A pug's lifespan can be up to 16+ years. Rose still may have of half her life ahead of her and after so much neglect, Southpaw Rescue is determined to make sure she only has a life of love ahead of her. 

Rose's vet bills are way beyond what Southpaw can handle. If you would like to donate to Rose's health,
please donate here. We appreciate it! 

Are you her person? If so,
please fill out an adoption application.

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